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REGGIE KRAMER, EDITOR IN CHIEF: Reggie Kramer is from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.  He studies Political Science (with an International Relations concentration) and Classical Studies.  His interests include international conflict, peace, and security, as well as international law and Transatlantic relations.  He enjoys traveling to see cultural sites, reading, listening to music, and playing basketball.

GEETA MINOCHA, MANAGING EDITOR:  Geeta Minocha is a sophomore from Florida.  She studies in the Wharton School.  Her interests include American elections and politics, as well as the psychology of politics.  She enjoys speech and debate, having won the American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program.

JAMES HIEBERT, MANAGING EDITOR: James Hiebert is a sophomore studying CommPS (Communications and Public Service) and Mathematical Economics.  He is the chair of the Whig Caucus of the Penn Political Union and producer for The Divided Line on WQHS. He hopes to continue work in communications theory to better understand how Americans share and understand ideas.

JONATHAN HASKIN: Jonathan Haskin (Class of 2018) is a junior in the college studying Political Science. Raised in Bethesda, Maryland, outside of Washington DC, he is interested in public policy, international relations, and comparative politics. He is the current Treasurer of the Penn Government and Politics Association, prior to which he served as the Quaestor for the Polybian Society. In addition, he sits on the Penn Political Union Liberal Caucus, and serves as an interview staffer for the Penn Political Review. When not working on subjects related to politics, he enjoys film and music, and occasionally binge-watching soccer.

NOLAN WEIN:  Nolan Wein is a junior, studying Political Science and possibly Communications as well.  She is a Philadelphia native.  Nolan is interested in the relationship between politics and media and aspires to one day be a political analyst for a major news network.  She especially enjoys studying the dynamic throughout US Presidential Elections.  In addition to writing for The Penn Spectrum, she assists in managing her sorority’s social media pages.  In her free time, she enjoys taking walks on Kelly Drive, spending time with family, and watching Fox News.

SUMMER OSBORN: Summer Osborn is a sophomore from Ilinois.  She plans to pursue a degree in Political Science and hopes to one day work for the FBI.  At Penn she is involved in the Whitefield Society, attends City Church, and rides with the Penn equestrian team.  Apart from music, food, romance novels, legal dramas, and anything Elizabeth Warren, she is passionate about religion, education, and social justice.

MADISON LANE: Madison is a senior from California majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She is interested in American politics and policy and has written for The Penn Spectrum for three years. She has worked in Washington D.C. with Sen. Barbara Boxer and the EPA. She is a San Francisco Giants fan.

JACOB AUSUBEL: Jacob Ausubel is a Sophomore in the College from Washington, DC. He is studying Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations. Jacob’s interests include climate change, elections, free speech, and political psychology. This past summer, he had the great honor to represent The Penn Spectrum at the Democratic National Convention. Jacob is also a member of the Penn Political Union, serving as one of the whips of the Liberal Caucus, as well as the Polybian Society. On the side, he enjoys watching Doctor Who episodes, performing guitar and piano pieces, skiing, and playing strategy board games.

NATHAN AUSUBEL: Nathan is a sophomore from Washington D.C. He is planning on majoring in mathematical economics. He has written about progressive issues in American politics. He is an avid Doctor Who fan, and he is involved with other branches of the Government and Politics Association.

RED JOSEPH: Alfred “Red” Joseph enjoys writing poetry and politics. He recently joined The Penn Spectrum, but has been writing fiction for seven years. In addition to his writing, Red has passions for criminal justice and boxing.

FREYA ZHOU: Freya Zhou is a Chinese international student from Shenzhen. She is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, potentially majoring in German and sociology. Her interests include Chinese political policies and the Communist ideology. She enjoys playing the Pipa, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, and researching Chinese and American film industries.

JUSTIN YANG: Justin Yang is a sophomore in the College studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Being from Hong Kong, he has an interest in Hong Kong, Chinese, and American politics, especially in electoral, policy, and legal issues, and has written about current affairs before. He enjoys badminton and long weekends.

LAURA BECKLaura Beck is a sophomore studying Economics and International Relations in the College. Her areas of interest include refugee and migrant issues, NGO’s and international development, as well as law. She enjoys discussions about philosophy and politics, lifting, binge-watching Game of Thrones, and slaying the patriarchy.

LENA LESZINSKY: Lena is a freshman from Detroit hoping to major in biology and eventually go to med school. She has worked for multiple political campaigns, and finds the economic side of politics the most interesting and least dreadfully Machiavellian. She likes piano, saxophone, and all things to do with Bowie.

OLIVIA BLOM: Olivia Blom is a sophomore from Portland, Maine studying American politics. She is particularly interested in social justice, polling, and the judiciary. In addition to exploring government, Olivia loves to make music, watch old movies, and spend time in coffee shops.

HALIS YAKA: Halis Yaka is a junior from Houston, Texas studying Political Science. He is particularly interested in politicization of ethnic minorities, socio-economic development of the Turkish speaking world, and the global refugee crisis, with a focus on the Eurasian region. Halis enjoys subtweeting corrupt Turkish politicians in his free time.
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