Our Team


penncard.jpgReggie Kramer—Editor in Chief of The Penn Spectrum
Reggie Kramer is a Senior from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania studying Classical Studies and Political Science (with an International Relations concentration).  His particular interests are Roman history, contemporary international peace and conflict, and trans-Atlantic politics.  An Anglophile and Italophile, he enjoys traveling to see historical sites and experience other cultures. His writing has appeared in the Penn Spectrum, Leviathan Journal of Politics and International Relations, and the New England Classical Journal.

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 James Hiebert—Managing Editor

James Hiebert is a Sophomore studying Communications and Public Service and Economics. He has written about international relations, American elections and media studies. He is the producer for The Divided Line, the affiliated radio show and the chair of the Penn Political Union Whig Caucus. He enjoys biking and catching up on episodes of Veep.

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geetaGeeta Minocha — Managing Editor

Geeta Minocha is a Sophomore from Florida.  She studies in the Wharton School.  Her interests include American elections and politics, as well as the psychology of politics.  She enjoys speech and debate, having won the American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program. Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post.

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